The Quince Tree In May

It's Quince Tree time again.

The blossoms are all but gone and in their place are tiny infant quinces just beginning to swell behind the dying flowers.

Look how big the leaves get.

Not all the flowers make it to fruition.

: :

The lolly factory continues to produce icy treats.

These are blackberry and apple.

These will be strawberry and banana.
By the way, I've just discovered that these lolly moulds are available at Amazon although they haven't got many left. I notice the price has gone down since this morning when I ordered another. Get 'em while you can!

: :

Do you know the Swedish clothes designer Gudrun Sjödén? The postman has just brought me her latest catalogue. I haven't bought anything from her yet -a wee bit expensive for me but I do love her stuff. She has an interiors range too with bee-yoo-ti-ful tablecloths and bedlinen. Here's a little look.

By the way, the mystery flower in my previous post is London Pride (saxifraga umbrosa). The flowers are tiny, less than half  a centimetre across and it wasn't until I took the photo that I realised they had those red and yellow spots on them. The marvels of macro digital photography!



  1. I like the pictures very much, especially the one of the bed linen. Looking forward to your quincy produce.

  2. Hi Sue,
    I have quite a few pieces of clothing from Gudrun - it's beautiful quality and timeless too. Well worth the money, imo
    Pauline :-)

  3. Thanks for that Pauline. I gave into temptation and ordered this


    the cerise option :o)

  4. I'm looking forwars to some quince cookery when those fruits ripen! What will it be, I wonder? Quince jelly?

  5. Thing is, I've still got 4 or 5 jars of last year's quince jelly! But, yes -jelly, quince vodka, quince purée, maybe quince cheese this year.

  6. Anonymous8:59 pm BST

    Hi, just been to look at my London Pride and you're right, it does have red dots. Thanks for that.


  7. your lollies look lovely, i've been trying to get hold of lolly moulds in a similar shape for years!

  8. Hi Sue, that top is lovely! I have my new brochure but am saving it for an after-exam read later in the week. I recently purchased some cropped linen trousers and they are amazing - really well cut for my ample'ish figure - I bought black and a purple colour, but there is a lovely turquoise that I fancy also!
    Pauline :-)

  9. Hi Sue..thanks for taking a peek at the blog adore this catalogue...l want l want!!
    taken a look at the site..fabulous
    Thanks for sharing
    Hugs x

  10. ps..you haven't got a follow button..?

  11. Suz you can click on the 'follow' button right at the top of the page on the blogger bar thingy! Get me, I'm so techy! But, I will look into putting a proper button somewhere more obvious ;o)


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