Cook Book Heaven

 The postie's been bringing me parcels again! I do love the postman.


Well obviously I was MEANT to have the book, it matches my blanket!  How fabulous is that cover ? The grey squares are actually silver.
I hadn't come across Sarah Raven's cookery books before finding her Garden Cook Book in the library recently. I posted a pic a few posts back. Am I glad I know about them now? I most certainly am!

BEAUTIFUL, beautiful, beautiful. Gorgeous photography by Jonathan Buckley and never have I seen so many recipes I want to try RIGHT NOW!





The book is divided into four seasons each with a selection of recipes for

snacks & canapes
soups & accompaniments
vegetable sides
cakes, biscuits & sweets

The Summer section has extra recipes for picnics and for barbecues, and the Winter section has extra recipes for Christmas food.

(click on this photo see a larger version)

Here are just some of the recipes I want to try

popcorn and pumpkin seeds with chilli and lime
ginger and mixed seed salad
After Eight chocolate cookies
split pea and mint croquettes with minted yogurt
crostini with pea and basil pesto
warm courgette, cumin and goat's cheese salad
chicken and black pepper Boursin kiev
raspberry ripple ice cream
summer berry bellinis
potato puttanesca
elderberry robb
curried prawns with lentils
pumpkin and apple soup with chestnuts
chorizo lentils and sausages
caramelised sesame shortbread
toffee apple pie
parmesan, stilton and black olive cheesy sticks
warm lentil, squash and feta salad
Jack Daniel's hot chocolate
chocolate and mincemeat brownies

I bought my copy from Amazon. Have you got the 'wanties' yet?



  1. STOP!!!!!! I've got the "wanties" as you call it already - and I have far too many cookbooks to buy more. I do have Sarah Raven's Christmas book and would recommend that.

  2. 'yep - that book!! I definitely wanties that book.

    Nina xxxxx

  3. OK - so I've got the WANTIES.

    How delicious does that Toffee Apple Pie sound, and I don't know what the hell Elderberry Robb is, but I bet it's fab.

    Even though I've got more cookery books than you can shake a stick at, this is going to go on my Birthday List.

  4. Elderberry robb is a very old recipe, I've seen it farmhouse-type recipe books. It's a syrup of elderberries which you add to hot water or maybe something stronger and take as cough and cold remedy.

    Glad you like the look of the book ladies :o)

  5. Ooh, my OH made limoncello for Christmas as a surprise - it was GORGEOUS!

  6. PLease, stop.... First, I find they will send Lucy yarn kits to the U.S.... Now you go and find a cookbook to add to the must haves today. What fun this looks like.

    Off to amazon.com to have a look here in the U.S.


  7. oh good lord, the Wanties have gripped me for sure.xxx

  8. Well now Sue, being a rabid, dribbling bibliophile I have heard some excuses for buying books in my time but "It matches my blanket" has to be the best yet! It looks fabulous, as does your blanket. I've never heard the expression "the Wanties" before. Do I have to pay you a royalty for absorbing it into daily speech?

  9. Hi, thanks for your comment at willow's cottage. I love your crochet!

    Loving real food too, and especially food from our garden or farmers market, I'm interested in your new cookbook!

  10. 'Wanties' is, I believe a blog word :o). I've seen it in use in many places- Lucy at Attic24 and Aoife at http://littlepinkroom.squarespace.com/little-pink-room/2010/4/18/oh-no-not-the-wanties-again.html

    I get attacks of the wanties quite often -easily cured by giving in to them and buying stuff and then living off lentils for the rest of the month.

  11. Well, I had this pop up on an Amazon recommendation email only last week and it went straight on to my Wish List. I have Sarah's Christmas and Garden cookbooks, the latter particularly good, and both lovely books.

    I thought I would wait until some customer reviews came along, but now i will just wait until Payday!

    A sign I think, two mentions in less than a week.
    It's meant to be!


  12. Yes wanties is a very good word. Indeed a perfect word, and yes this book would do it for me.

  13. It looks lovely - I might just have to purchase it. Yes, as you know... I am prone to the wanties myself. I'm with you, give in... it's not worth fighting. A x

  14. Ooh ooh ooh ooh!
    what a lovel;y spot this is! Thank you so much for commenting over at mine! Glad you are mad about caravans too!

    I went to the open day at La Raven's a couple of weeks ago I must POST the pics!!!!!!

    Must also get the book! Yay!

    Happy weekend,

    Sarah x

  15. Oh my I wanties that now!

  16. Nooooooo! I've got enough cook books as it is, including Sarah Raven's Garden one. Will stick it on my Amazon wish list just incase...

  17. Anonymous12:47 pm BST

    I have just got mine through and it's so fab! I bought mine from Sarah's website and to my suprise it was signed! What a bonus. Stumbled across your blog and wow its beautiful!

  18. I got my fix by buying the Garden Cook book for my mum's birthday - I will drool on it when I visit and drop unsubtle hints that she can return the favour....

  19. ahh, brilliant! I have been coveting this book since seeing it at Chelsea a couple of weeks ago and your review is the best yet! I will defo put it on the list now! I have her first book (the stripy one-if I could be bothered to get up and go and find it I would give you the actual title...!)and I love it. The photography and recipes are amazing.
    Thanks Sue!


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