Minty Cookies

I love mint chocolates. My favourites are the double cream mints that Thornton's do but I like an After Eight too. It seems odd to be eating them in May. They're very much a Christmas thing for me but I did want to try the recipe for After Eight chocolate chip cookies in Sarah Raven's new book Food For Friends and Family so I added a packet of After Eights to my online grocery order.

For readers outside of the UK these are After Eights. They are a 'wafer thin'  chocolate, about 2 inches square (5cm) filled with mint fondant.

I can't give you the exact recipe because of copyright laws, in fact I'm not even sure I should be showing photos from books at all. Although I see similar photos on blogs all the time.

The recipe is a simple cookie made by creaming equal quantities of light brown soft sugar and butter, then adding an egg, flour and chopped chocolate plus the chopped mints.

They spread.

Do as the recipe says and wait for the cookies to cool and firm up before transferring from the tray to a rack with a palette knife. If you try and move them while they are still warm and soft you will end up with messed up broken cookies which you will have to eat. Just saying.

They are very very good. Thin and delicate and minty-chocolatey. The recipe suggested I would get about 12 cookies but I got 20 large cookies. I used half a packet of After Eights and am now wondering about the possibility of After Eight muffins....



  1. They look delish...minty AND chocolatey sounds divine :D

  2. Oh I've got the wanties or maybe munchies

  3. I always get round the copyright thing by adding a link through to Amazon so people can buy the book. That way, it becomes a review. I should have been a lawyer.

  4. Does that really get round the copyright law WH? I always put an Amazon link too.

  5. Oh my - they sound like heaven. I adore After Eight Mints.

  6. Mmmmmmmm ~ they sound delicious!! I will maybe have to try them out for myself :O)

  7. Yum Sue. I was fancying having a go at some lemon shortbread from the good food mag this week. If my husband saw your cookies hed be making them. He is the cookie king. Bless

  8. Anonymous2:59 pm BST

    They look lovely, bet they taste nice too. Now if only they were called biscuits...............nice British sound to that ;)

  9. Anonymous12:30 pm BST

    With the copyright thing I always think it is nicer to add a link to companies homepages rather than Amazon. This way they won't get cross as you are advertising them?! :)


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