I love getting parcels- don't you? I've been having my groceries delivered by Ocado for the last few weeks because I can't drive at the moment (my sports injury don't you know), even that excites me! I buy books frequently from Amazon, there are two on the way to me any day now and I have a parcel from Sweden coming soon too. Online shopping- love it!

 I've been thinking about having a Riverford meat box for ages. I kept popping onto the site to see what was in this fortnight's box and imagining what I'd cook with the contents. Well, I finally took the plunge and set up a regular fortnightly order of a large meat box. Oh my goodness it is a bit pricey! It is all organic though which I like although it isn't essential to me, just as long as my meat has been pastured I'm happy. What I really love about these boxes is the fact that someone has chosen what should go in it for me.
I have access to an excellent butcher but I have to drive there and I always get the same things-mince, sausages and chicken. I was in a meaty rut.

A big parcel for me!

And this is what was inside.

I just love the 'taster' idea. This fortnight is is harissa and next time it will be mini black puddings!

The box contents vary each fortnight but they seem to always contain a chicken and another roasting joint. There always seem to be sausages, bacon and mince too. All good staple family fare, just what I need. But on top of those things there are some seasonal cuts and sometimes a ready prepared product. These are the kind of things I don't often buy. This time I have neck of lamb, a couple of chicken breasts and kofti meatballs. There's a deli-type item too-this time it's some nice looking ham and next time it will be paté.

I have a plan in mind for my meaty loot.

Kofti meatballs served with a sauce made of yogurt, hummus and the harissa paste.
Scrag end of lamb will slow-cooked with lemon and barley-a recipe from River Cottage Everyday.
 2 chicken breasts -these I will probably save until the next box comes which is apparently going to contain chicken fillets, then I can serve the five of us. Or I might stretch them to feed five by making a stir fry, a chicken and veg pie, a risotto or a pasta dish. They could be a nice diner à deux if C and I ever get the opportunity for such things.
Beef mince- This will make two meals for us. I'll probably make a big pot of meat sauce for the freezer to serve with pasta or to make into chilli. Or perhaps I'll make burgers with half of it and sauce with the other half.
Sausages- I've split these into two bags as there are 2 lbs. We'll have one bag this week in a spicy tomato and bean stew and the rest next week  in a pasta sauce or maybe crumbled on pizza.
The beef which is topside we will have on Sunday. I shall poach it in wine as suggested on the helpful meal planner that came with the box. Topside gets a bit dry when roasted I find. I anticipate leftovers for another meal.
The chicken will be roasted the following Sunday and again there will be leftovers for another meal plus a big bowlful of stock for soups and risottos.
The ham is sliced nice and thin just right for sandwiches but I may serve it with salad and baked spuds.
The bacon will get used in main meals- bacon and egg tart perhaps or pasta sauce.

That's 12 meals at least. That will comfortably see us through a fortnight and beyond as we will be eating at least two fish meals plus a couple of veggie or 'less meat' meals. In fact it represents considerably more meat than we usually eat.

These are the kofti meatballs which we have just eaten for our dinner. Delicious was the verdict from everyone. They are a blend of lamb and mutton flecked with crunchy sunflower seeds and spices. There were 20, so only 4 each, but with the sauce I mentioned above, some cucumber raita, carrot salad and garlic toasted pitta it was an ample meal.

I am looking forward to working my way through my lovely meat box :o)



  1. Ooooo - I can't wait for my little clan to grow alittle bigger so that I can start to order a big veggie box and an Organic Meat box. My other half only eats Chicken, which can be a real pain at times.

    I keep popping over to Laverstoke Farm's website every now and again - they do meat boxes too, and they look yummy.

    You've got great plans for your meat delivery. Wish I was eating over at your house this week :0)

  2. I'm shooting over there as we speak......

  3. Hi - I came across your blog. It's fantastic, I'm following now. A word of warning about Riverford. It's becoming a mighty franchised business who have articulated lorries moving food across Europe. I lived in Plymouth and used to watch their lorries coming back from Spain with veg, it's then repackaged as Riverford, although, they are honest that it isn't local. Their farm in Totnes keeps migrant workers in shabby caravans, pays them minimum wages and then deducts rent, utilities and food for the shabby caravans.They started as an ethical company and now their policies are no different from Tesco. Local organic farm shop produce? probably not? You might as well go to Lidl because they get their meat all from the UK, most of their veg is from the UK and if it's from Spain, then so is riverfords.

  4. It all sounds yummy you have a lucky family, I can't wait to see the results.

  5. Frugal Life UK -thanks for your comment :o) I fear that's the way of big business. I don't intend to buy veg from Riverford as I do have access to really local produce. A few weeks ago I wrote a post about farmshops and how the simple act of food shopping has become fraught with ethical decisions. It seems I can't win -unless we become self-sufficient which isn't an option.

    Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy your visits here.

    Sue x

  6. Looks like a large meat box, but as you say its for two weeks. At least you can plan early about what to have. I always find that thinking of what to have is the hardest part of the meal, especially when I'm working.

  7. Helen, they do three sizes- small, medium and large all for a fortnight. The small one is designed for couples, the medium for two adults and two children and the large one for bigger families. Don't forget my family includes two teenaged boys!

  8. I hope it gets you out of your 'meaty rut'!

  9. How did the price of things like the mince, chicken & sausages compare to your regular butcher?

  10. Hard to say Floss, things aren't priced individually in the box-it's just a set price each fortnight (£86.95 for this large box!)There's about 8kg of meat-so £10-£11kg but that's for a wide variety of cuts. For sure it isn't the cheapest way to buy meat and maybe it will prove a bit too expensive for us. We'll see.


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