May Sampler

What a lovely May it has been. Everywhere green, green greeness splashed with bright colour.
Quite an eventful month too, a lovely outing with my daughter, an exciting general election which had me glued to the news channel for several days, several trips to the doctor's with my 'sports injury', a few sleepless nights due to pain (it's much better now), some exciting parcels and two bank holidays which meant two extra wine nights!

I've been looking through my archives and find I am liking how this blog is turning out very much indeed. When I began in January I was afraid of two things. First I thought it might end up looking like other people's blogs. Of course I am very inspired by all the lovely blogs I read but I'm so very glad that The Quince Tree seems to have found its own identity, its own style and look. Secondly, I was worried that I would find it hard to find things to blog about. This has turned out to be the easiest thing in the world! I'm actually finding it difficult to stop at the moment, there just seem to be so many things I want to show you all. Gosh I am looking forward to June and its many blogging possibilities.

Here's my May Sampler. You can find all my monthly samplers on the sampler page. I hope you like it :o)



  1. I love your samplers - I'd buy them as seasonal birthday cards as the photos are amazing. Well done!

  2. Sue (aka snoozer)12:23 pm BST

    Hi Sue,

    I agree that you have created an original blog. It's rapidly become one of my favourites and so far I've baked bread, brownies and assembled (youcan't call it cooking) eton mess thank's to your inspiration. I'm trying to resist the latest cookbook.

    I love your eye for colour, it's giving me the inspiration to move away from the neutrals.

  3. Your sampler is great, so bright and a great reminder of all things May.
    Your blog is up there with the best. Not a copy but its very own style. Keep up the good work I (and I'm sure everyone else) looks forward to all your postings.Looking forward to more in June.

  4. I see we are sharing scone moments! There's something about strawberries that just seems to cry out for one (or two...)

    And yes, it is wonderful to see one's blog develop a personality all of its own. Yours is so lovely and colourful.

  5. Hello Sue
    I have only just discovered your blog but enjoying it very much. I am learning to crochet. Progress is slow but enjoyable. :)

  6. Your blog definitely has it's own identity and I love my visits here.

  7. I add my voice to those saying good things about your blog. I enjoy this 'at home' kind of blog and I look at quite a few.

    'The Quince Tree' is its own blog. I feel excited when I see a new post. I have tried recipes and enjoyed them all.

    However, the chocolate brownies are out there with the best, so delicious!


  8. Hey Sue, I don't know why I didn't realise that you, like me started this year with the blog. You have very quickly found a very unique style and I am delighted to read your blog. I have found that as you write the style comes out on its own helped along by the influences of others. You have been a HUGE influence on me and I look to you to 'keep me right' Carry on doing what you do because its fantastic.


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