Making a Mess

Eton mess, the most delicious pudding in the world. Many would say that summer pudding is the greatest English summer dessert. It is good yes, but in my opinion and in the opinion of my family Eton mess is The One.
And it is so easy to make. You can of course buy meringues but they are a doddle to make and only require two ingredients - sugar and egg whites.

For each egg white you need 2oz of caster sugar. I actually used granulated here (thought I had caster but didn't) and it still worked. For 12 small meringues I used 3 egg whites and 6oz sugar.
To make them beat up the egg whites until stiff, stiff enough for you to be able to turn the bowl upside down without the egg whites falling out. Next add the sugar a spoonful at a time beating well with each addition. The mixture will become glossy. An electric beater makes this a breeze.

Dollop the meringue onto a baking sheet lined with baking parchment or reusable baking liner. Bake at 120°c (100°c fan oven) for 1½ hours. Then turn the oven off but leave the door ajar until they are completely cool. I didn't leave mine for long enough so they were quite chewy and sticky in the middle. This doesn't matter one bit, in fact it is desirable.

Meringues keep really well in an airtight container. Use the yolks in omelettes or scramble them with a whole egg.

Now for the mess. It's a simple matter of whipping some cream, half a pint is plenty for five greedy people, throwing in some strawberries and crumbling in the meringues. Mix it up to make a mess :o)

There was enough for ten, but erm....there were only five of us...

Make it with greek yogurt instead of cream, or half yogurt and half cream. Use any berries you like, raspberries are particularly good.

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A Thank You and a Welcome
Can I just say how much I love reading your comments. They show me that I'm not just talking to myself! I love that moment when I click 'publish post' but even more I love to know what you think of what I post.

 I notice I have had a lot of new visitors in the last few days who have found me via Attic24. Lucy was so kind to add me to her blog list :o) Welcome to you all!

 I have a stat counter thingy which shows me a map of where my visitors come from. Lots from the UK of course but also a fair few from the US and Canada. Some from Australia, quite a few of you from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Germany. Also the odd visitor from places I consider quite exotic like Iran, India, Brazil and Japan. I find it all very exciting. I'm forever saying to C 'look someone from Isfahan (or Tokyo, Yekaterinburg, Mumbai, Sapporo) is reading my blog'. Unfortunately C is not a follower of The Quince Tree. He has not read one single post. He has seen a few of the pictures because I wave the laptop in front of him but as for reading it -no. Anyone else got an uninterested husband/partner or is it just mine? 


  1. I love Eton Mess - my most favourite summer pudding. As soon as I can find some local strawberries we shall be having that - and for once I'll make my own meringues!!

  2. Chaps don't understand 'cosy' blogs. Mr. Maureen spends his time communing with other chaps on the Hurley and Westerley (boats) sites.

    Meringues are my fave thing and I never make them - tomorrow is the day I do. We shall take the Yorkie and walk to Waitrose to buy cream and maybe strawberries!

  3. Ladies,I hope you enjoy them as much as we did
    Sue x

  4. I love Eton mess too, scrumptious! I've not tried it with my own meringues before though, you make it sound very easy so perhaps I'll have a bash...

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  6. Eton Mess sounds a lot like a squashed pavlova! Being an Aussie, a good ol' "pav" is one of our standard special occassion deserts, and probably my absolute favourite.

    For those who don't know, this is how you make a pavlova: make a meringue mix but bake it as one big circle (or rectangle) - like a pie. Top with a thick layer of whipped cream and then top with strawberries, kiwi fruit, and - of course - PASSIONFRUIT. Ohh, my mouth is watering just thinking about the passionfruits. We have some growing on our vine right now...

    And, yes, *sigh* my hubby hasn't read my blog, either, despite me telling him all about it and telling him how excited I am when people read it an comment... Oh, well, what can you do? :-)

    Have a great day,
    Caz from Never Knew :-)

  7. Eton mess, whats not to love? I too have a husband of the "thats nice dear" persuasion. I get quite a bit of traffic from your blog so thank you I am very greatful for that. I try to do the same for other people too. No one wants to talk to themselves!!!

  8. Caz, you're quite right Eton mess is a squashed pav! Thank you for your explanation, I almost included pavlova in the variation. My eldest son loves a raspberry pav for his birthday in July.

    Seems my husband is not alone in his apathy. They should watch out, we might start writing about them!

  9. stressedoutmumof112:18 pm BST

    I too love Eton Mess, thanks to you Sue, I too am going to have a go at making my own meringues - thank you!!

  10. Hi Sue
    My hubby has no interest in reading my blog either, though he will often suggest pics or comment 'I bet you put that in your blog'.

  11. Hello Sue

    So pleased to have discovered your lovely blog. Full of interesting posts.

    I am quite lucky, my husband checks my bllog daily at work to see if I have added a new post and also because he finds the comments interesting to read.

    Have a lovely weekend
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  12. hello Sue
    SO glad more lovely peeps are coming to visit with you, your blog is scrummy and I meant to add you to my list an age ago.
    Re disinterested husbands, yup I ahve one of those. I've written over 400 posts and not one has been read by J, he thinks I'm totally bonkers writing a blog, He does keep asking me if I can make any money out of it though, think he might sit up and take note if I was able to magically produce an income from it.

    Lots of love to you

  13. Hi Sue - I love Eton Mess, but I'm not a lover of Strawberries, so I substitute mine with Raspberries.

    My favourite pudding is something my mum used to call Poala (like Koala, but with a P). Basically it's Pavlova, but with soft, gooey Meringue instead of hard Meringue. It's to die for. Maybe I'll post the recipe on my own blog later this week.

    Do you read the Princess Pantry Blog (princesspantry.blogspot.com)? They've posted about a Quince Cake today.

    Jill x

  14. Thanks for that Jill, I've bookmarked it ;-)

    Lucy I can't believe your husband doesn't read your blog! Doesn't he realise what a following you have? Men!

  15. Anonymous1:44 am BST

    Hi Sue. Just found your blog through Lucy in the Attic. I love reading about all of you crafty clever people. Good luck with the weight loss. Lost 6kgs last year. Hard workouts twice a week. No eating between meals and no going back for seconds. Also tried to reduce the amount of food on my plate to begin with. My husband is a great cook, so it can be very hard. Did put on a couple of kilos over our Christmas break though. Easy to do. Have added your blog to my list. Sue, Terang. Victoria, Australia

  16. Oh my, your blog is making my mouth water. I shall try everything I've read!!
    Autumn x
    Found you via Wartime Housewife, btw. My home-making blog, if you want to trade recipes, is here: www.bloomingathome.wordpress.com
    Would you believe, although I don't have a quince tree, I have a quince bush (japonica) but it never yields mauch fruit :(

  17. Anonymous3:56 pm BST

    Love reading your blog and always check to see if these anything new.

    Oftern re-read bits as well, keep them coming


  18. Anonymous12:22 pm BST

    I really enjoy reading your posts. I have been reading your blog for over a year now, found it on Lucy's blogroll back then, or from a blog I got to from hers.
    My husband is not only disinterested, he thinks it is a silly waste of time. Shakes his head if I bother to mention it to him. I just smile.
    I try to explain that I learn so much about how others live, and share vacations and baking/cooking experiences with them without ever leaving my sofa.
    For example, I am not a pancake person, but my sweet husband sure is! My mom made the most wonderful, thin pancakes with crispy edges, as did his grandma. My mom calls them flannel cakes and they were of her own making, recipe wise.
    I so enjoyed reading your posts on pancakes, and always wondered what scotch cakes were, as my mom's people are from Scotland. You know, just a curiosity and you met it! Thank you!


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