Ice Lollies

If the weather forecasters are to be believed it's going to be ice lolly (popsicle) weather this weekend.

 I remember buying a 99 with a flake or maybe a Rocket or Fab lolly from a van just like the one in this picture ( it's from a Ladybird book). The trouble is that the ice cream van that comes to our little patch never seems to make it as far as our cul-de-sac. We can hear its chimes (Colonel Bogey is the current tune), but seeing it is another matter. It is a source of great frustration to my children particularly my daughter.

To combat whining and whinging about lack of iced treats I make my own. Not only are they easy to make they are MUCH MORE BETTER in every way. Cheaper, tastier and sooo much healthier for the kids. I use fruit, fruit juice, yogurt and milk in my lollies plus a bit of sugar. Remember that freezing dulls sweetness and so a bit extra is needed.

To make lollies you need some sort of mould. Lakeland have various kinds. You can improvise with empty yogurt pots but you'll need to find a way of getting the stick to stay upright.

I've been making chocolate lollies this morning. Easy peasy.

3tbsp cocoa powder
2 tbsp cornflour (cornstarch)
4oz ( ½ cup) of sugar
1 pint (2½ cups) of milk

Whisk together in a heavy-based saucepan over a medium heat.

Whisk for about 4-5 mins until it becomes thick and glossy. Then pour into your lolly moulds. Don't forget to put the sticks in. Allow to cool then pop them in the freezer.

Tomorrow I shall remove the lollies from their moulds and put them in a large plastic tub in the freezer so that the children can help themselves from it easily. Then I shall fill the moulds with a different kind of lolly.

The possibilities are endless. Try these ideas.

Peaches and cream -Blend a tin of peaches, a spoonful of sugar and a couple of big dollops of yogurt or maybe real cream.
Pineapple and Coconut (shown in picture below)- Blend a tin of pineapple, a handful of coconut and a couple of dollops of yogurt or some coconut milk.
Raspberry (or blackberry, or blackcurrant) and Apple - Blend raspberries with apple juice and sugar. Blackcurrants need to be cooked with sugar and sieved before blending with the apple juice
Strawberry and Banana- Strawberries and banana blended.
Summer berries -Blend a mixture of summer berries with some fruit juice or yogurt. You may need to sieve out the seeds.
Chocolate coated lollies -Dip the frozen lollies in melted chocolate and return swiftly to the freezer on a baking tray to set. Try rolling in sprinkles or chopped nuts as well.
Fizzy lollies- I haven't tried this yet but try blending some fruit with lemonade or ginger beer.

It'll probably rain all weekend now I've posted this. Sorry!



  1. Yummy, I must try some of these - especially the chocolate recipe. I have a set of lolly moulds - unused until today!

  2. All the neighbourhood children will be round at your house now that you've stocked up on homemade lollies.

    They sound delicious, especially the Pineapple & Coconut - I love tropical flavours.

    Jill x
    PS - I've amended my spelling mistake Miss.

  3. Jill, I was a teacher and old habits die hard! Plus I'd just written the same word in my post.

  4. I'm going to have a go at this Sue . Thanks for that.

  5. Oooooh! Fab ideas - must now buy lolly making bits - I do love Lakeland!!

  6. They look and sound delicious, I'm definitely going to have a go this summer though I do need to get some moulds and clear some space in the freezer - neither task too tricky! Thanks for sharing.

  7. When I was little (in the 50's) my Dad had a second job as an icecream seller. He sold from a horsedrawn wagon. Oh it was so lovely, all carved and painted and the horse really went "clip clop". I used to go with him in it to Conisborough Castle on a Sunday. Happy memories.

  8. They look delicious! Can I come to your house to play??

  9. Just had the choccy lollies for pud - I'm here to tell you they are FAB!

  10. Glad you enjoyed them Maureen! My kids are having them for their pud too ;o)

  11. Hi Sue,
    Just to say thanks for your comments re my photo, glad you like it!

  12. I have the same ice lolly maker as you! Clearly we are twins separated at birth. Love your ideas (as usual)

  13. Bought more lolly moulds and some sticks. I figure when the choccy mix is set the sticks will stand up in them!

    They are cooling as I post!

  14. Anonymous6:49 pm BST

    oh boy, have to try this. I don't have much luck with molds (popsicles molds that is) what brand do you have?

  15. Would echo the last comment - what kind of lolly molds are yours? Lakeland doesn't seem to have anything quite as nice...

  16. Josette, Morgan,I bought my mould from Lakeland a couple of years ago. Sadly they no longer stock this particular model. I fund it here http://www.legendcookshop.co.uk/deluxe-lolly-makers-9787-0.html. I don't know about US suppliers I'm afraid Josette.

  17. Thank you - have just ordered some!

  18. Chocolate lollies 'OMG' how delicious??

    Such a tease......a very good tease though

    Nina xxxxx

  19. these are a huge hit in my house - thank you. We've just done a vanilla batch too in an attempt to replicate mini milks!

  20. Hi Sue, I just tried these for the first time (it's Summer here, now, remember!) and they are great!

    Plus - how cool is this? - your choc ice-block recipe fitted my moulds exactly. I have 2 sets of "Lickety Sips" by Decor (an Australian company) and the measurements you gave filled the 2 sets (8 ice-blocks) exactly!

    Here's a link to the moulds I use:

    Thanks so much for the inspiration! You're right: they are so easy and much better than buying a commercial product.

    Caz :)


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