Simple Flowers

Alas, there was no money in my purse this week for flowers. So I raided my garden. There weren't many flowers so I spread them out a bit. I quite like my simple arrangement.

Have a lovely weekend everyone :o)


  1. That looks really effective :)

    Have good weekend.

  2. Happy weekend to you too.

  3. 'Simply' beautiful =)

    Thanks for brightening the day, Sue.

  4. So much further on than North Yorkshire. Lovely arrangement. Happy weekend

  5. Hello! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!! Sorry it’s taken me a while to say hello! Right, I’m off to have a little nose around your blog now, it looks so pretty! Your flower arrangement is rather stunning! xx

    Ps oh my, I’m super jealous of your bike it looks gorgeous!!! Better start saving!


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