White Petals

These pictures were taken on the way to my daughter's school. We are very lucky to live within easy walking distance of school, and also to be able to make most of the journey on footpaths through greenspaces rather than along roads. The housing development we live on was built on farmland and many of the old hedges that bordered the fields have been untouched. Wild fruit trees punctuate the hedges; hard little green apples, damsons and bullaces. There are also elders, hawthorn, blackthorn bushes and blackberries.

The pictures here show blackthorn blossoms. I love blossom that appears before the leaves so that you get a really intense dose of the flowers. In the Autumn there will be sloes where the flowers were. I've never collected sloes to make sloe gin preferring the lazier route of making damson gin with a tray of damsons from the farm shop. One day I'll get round to it.

The pictures below are either a wild apple or a bullace, I'll know for sure in September.

It isn't just beautiful blossoms we see on our school run, we see many different birds too. This morning we saw goldfinches and a blackcap. On other days we have seen long-tailed tits, green woodpeckers, bullfinches, wrens, redwings, a heron and all the usual garden birds. Once we came upon a sparrowhawk on the path enjoying a breakfast sparrow.

The grass that tree stands in will be covered with buttercups and daisies later as long as the council aren't too enthusiastic with their mowing. I wish they'd spend more time picking litter than mowing and cutting back the elders.



  1. Sue - you must pick those Sloes. Homemade Sloe Gin is fantastic. You don't even need to buy expensive Gin, the cheapo stuff does a decent enough job.
    Fab photos again today - I'm loving everyone's blossom pics on all the blogs of late.

  2. Jill, I must give it a go. I use really cheap gin for my damson gin which you make in exactly the same way. I make quince vodka with my quinces too. That is delicious.
    Sue xx

  3. Lovely photos, the blossom is beautiful. I'm still waiting for ours...

  4. I make sloe gin every year, and last year made damson jam with wild damsons - it is delicious.
    Great photos - this Spring is turning out to be so beautiful, isn't it!

  5. Hey Sue, have popped over here via Curlew Country. Gorgeous blossom photos.
    I have enjoyed a lovely browse through you blog and am tempted to whip up some Welsh cakes but as my boys are away this weekend, I fear I may end up eating them all!
    Spring is such a beautiful time of year, hope you have some lovely weather this weekend.


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