Weekend Miscellany

Bits and bobs today. First, some crochet

I've finally decided what to make out of my Debbie Bliss cotton. A simple stripey blanket using trebles (US double crochet). I can't resist a rainbow. I just hope I've got enough yarn to make a decent sized blanket.

Next, a weekend cake. Chunky fruit cake from The River Cottage Everyday Cookbook. This should be made with wholemeal flour and it is very good with it but I had run out. I'd also run out of light muscovado sugar so used demerara instead. The fruits called for in the recipe are figs, prunes and apricots, but I substituted dates for the apricots. Recipes are guides not straitjackets. It was delicious.

Yesterday was a lovely day, and we decided to light our little barbecue and grill some skewers. My boys made some pork and apricot kebabs which they brushed with honey and mustard. Delicious.

Today is the 25th which means it is time to see how the Quince Tree is progressing. I promised you leaves and blossoms. The leaves have arrived but the blossom has a little way to go yet.

Each of these little pink points will  have become a golden quince by October. Fingers crossed.

And finally some forget-me-nots. They are so pretty close up.

I do hope you are all having a lovely weekend and enjoying the warm spring weather -if you have warm spring weather where you are.



  1. Lovely rainbow! The cake looks delicous. I think I could even manage to convince myself it sounds healthy with all that fruit. I do have that cook book so may have a bash. Yummy looking kebabs as well, mmm!

  2. What a great picnic blanket your Rainbow will make - It'll be greatly admired when it's finished.

  3. My plum tree has been looking very pretty with its white blossom. My neighbour says that the frost got it last year, so here's hoping for this year.

    Seventy years ago this road was built on the site of an old orchard and the bluebells that must have grown there are now in everyone's gardens. The are flooding the area with blue, I love them.

    I look forward to seeing the quince blossom, interesting that the leaves come our first.

  4. BTW, I love Barbara Pym.

  5. Lovely blanket! I must try that cake recipe - I have the book and it looks delicious.

  6. That will be a lovely blanket once it's finished! I hope to make a blanket one day too. It must be sooo great to lie under your own blanket (-:


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