Super Healthy Quick Lunch

This quick lunch is something I discovered on the fabulous American food blog Cheap Healthy Good. The post and original link to the recipe is here. Sardines, avocado and wholegrain bread make this extra healthy. But never mind the health it tastes fantastic. No, my kids won't eat sardines and only one of them likes avocado but me and C, we love this quick lunch.

Chop some onion mix with mashed tinned sardines. I used two tins for two people but there was some leftover. Squeeze a lime (or a lemon) and add the juice to the sardines. Salt and pepper.
Spread sardine mixture on wholegrain toasted baguette halves. Top with mashed avocado. I added a sprinkle of chopped fresh coriander (cilantro).

Fresh, flavourful and delicious.


  1. That sounds yummy - just the thing now the soup season seems to be over!

  2. That sounds very tasty, will try soon!


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