Spring Colour

First some floral colour mostly from my garden.

It looks like there has been a wedding in my front garden. Pink petals everywhere from the cherry tree.

These are my neighbour's pansies.

Not growing but cut, my treat whilst doing the grocery shopping at Waitrose yesterday.

And here is some of the crochet I've been doing with my Debbie Bliss cotton. I'm still not really sure what I'm making. I've made nine big multi-coloured granny squares using 11 of the 15 colours. I left out the orange, red, bright viridian green and the bright blue. I like them but I'm not sure they're right for my sitting room. I think it was a mistake to leave out those four bright colours. They would make a nice cushion cover but we aren't really a cushion household, C in particular finds them irritating.

 I like the little solid squares and I think they will make a successful blanket for the sitting room and will go well with my Rowan granny blanket. I haven't forgotten that I still have my blue ripple blanket to finish. I have a home in mind for that. Maybe a ripple is the way to go with this cotton. Oh decisions, decisions.....



  1. Lovely colourful photos, Sue. It's a bit dull here in Edinburgh today. Nice to get sunshine and colour from your blog. A x

  2. Such gorgeous flowers. I planted some pansies but they're not doing very well in our shady garden with its clay soil, so I'm jealous of your neighbour, and I'm also jealous of the lovely pink flowers in the first photo. Lovely granny squares too, the colours go together really well.

  3. Angeltreats, thank you :o)
    The pink flowers are from a shrub called flowering currant.

    We have clay soil too but maybe my neighbour adds to hers.

  4. I love the colours. You are so lucky no blossom here yet. The squares are all beautiful esp the wee ones can't wait to see them together.

  5. lovely colours. Blanket sounds like a great idea!

  6. Make me a blanket! Make me a blanket! Make me a blanket!
    (If I keep saying it in an annoyingly repetitive way, will I talk you round?)
    I really, really must learn to crotchet.

  7. Hmmm....and you say crochet is possibly easier than knitting? Was it you that said that?? =)

    I'm getting close to wanting to try one or the other, the urge is definitely there, it's the ripple blankets that are pushing me over the edge, lol.

  8. You've taken some great photos again Sue, especially the top 3. If I'd taken them, I'd be printing them out and using them as gift tags or notecards.
    Keep clicking away - with camera and needles. x

  9. Your grannies are looking beautiful...I sometimes have the dilemma of soft colours v bright colours and whether to mix them...my v first granny blanket ussed both together and its still one my my faves....but I think your softey palette is gorgeous and will make a beautiful blankie.
    Sue..did I tell you before that your blog is LOVELY!! REmind me to add you to my blogroll :o)
    ps love your "sampler" images, the easter one is esp scrummy.


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