Actually this particular bee wasn't being very busy at all. Babbitty Bumble was sunbathing on my lawn whilst I was being busy with my housework. I haven't been to Mrs Tittlemouse's extremes it's true but I have washed and hung out three loads of laundry, made our bed, cleaned the bathroom and downstairs loo and purchased essential weekend supplies (three bottles of wine). I have yet to iron some shirts and do a bit of hoovering, oh and dust the dratted TV stand. My housekeeping busyness seems to be catching. Son number one is turning out his half of the bedroom he shares with his brother and has just come down for another bin bag.

How do these things get airborne?

Babbitty Bumble and Mrs Tittlemouse are, in case you don't know, characters from Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Mrs Tittlemouse. Mrs T was an extremely houseproud mouse whose efforts at spring cleaning her little home were thwarted by a rather unpleasant toad called Mr Jackson (if memory serves) and the aforementioned Babbitty Bumble Bee. Tiddly Widdly Mrs Tittlemouse tiddly widdly.

Thank you for your continued comments. Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Please tell me how you do it? How can I get my boy to tidy willingly and without grumpys? Cool bee btw I agree they are unfeasable aren't they? Only 3 bottles of wine?Hee hee

  2. Louise, he was really bored. Really, really bored.
    3 to start with ;o)

  3. LOL, have often wondered myself how those fragile looking wings get that body up in the air . . .

  4. Son number one has just informed me that it is to do with the fact that the bee's wings twiddle (my word, he said rotate-he's a scientist:D)

  5. hi Sue that is a beautiful picture of the bee - amazing wings. I can feel a little bee craftyness coming on
    Pauline :-)

  6. Would you believe that I've visited this post about 5 times already and every time I try to leave a comment a little person interrupts? Fingers crossed, I get to say my piece now... I love your photos (as usual). Mrs Tittlemouse is a firm favourite in our home. I'm glad you've got someone helping you to get things done! Phew... I've said it. It wasn't much, but I've said it! A x


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