Welcome March

I hardly dare say it but it truly feels like Spring here in Worcestershire. There was a frost this morning but now the sky is a clear blue and the sun is warm. So warm in fact that for the first time since November I did this.

Yes, a spot of pegging out. My peg bucket and wooden pegs make this chore a pleasure.

But not quite as much as sitting down with a coffee, an almond croissant and a new magazine.

Want a look inside?

Pretty things to make housework less of a drag.

Lovely Cath Kidston goodies. I particularly like these...

I do like CK but I'm selective, too much can be a bit overpowering and when you have three males over the age of 13 in your household you have to consider just how many floral whatnots you introduce into the home. A couple of tablecloths and some napkins are enough for me. I do like those plastic tubs though, and the pin tins, and the flowery jugs, oh and the flowery flour dredger.......

: :

Whilst shopping this morning I took some pics of the lovely Easter eggs on display. Lovely fresh greens, yellows and pastels. I'm feeling inspired to crochet something Springlike in similar colours but  my yarn fund is very low at the moment, my family will insist on eating. 

Perhaps I shouldn't be spending my money on croissants

It was delicious though :o)

: :

By the way my ripple blanket is coming along beautifully.



  1. ooh love the peg bucket.Where did you get it from?


  2. Lovely photos. So spring-y! A x

  3. Peg bucket from Amazon, my go-to shop! I've seen them in garden centres too ;o)


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