A Spot of Sewing

It's been a productive day here at the Quince Tree. I've baked four loaves, two dozen sultana buns and two dozen date and cherry bars. All the washing is dry and put away ( well, waiting to be put away by its owners) and I've been busy with the sewing machine making some drawstring bags for my daughter to keep her belongings in so that she can keep her room TIDY. Yeah, right, like that's going to work. Worth a try though. I was inspired to make bags by The Little Pink Room in this post.

I've had this stack of fat quarters for aaages.

It was about time I made something with them. I asked my daughter to choose pairs of fabrics. Here's what she picked out.

I simply sewed the two pieces together, no need to cut as they were just the right size. I then made a casing for a drawstring. The drawstring I made out of another fabric.



  1. Very nice! I love the fabric combinations, your little lady has good taste. A x

  2. Tosses red cloak behind her - flicks hair, puts right arm out and shoots into sky...


    I love the sound of the date and cherry bars.......

    I do a love a productive day. My, very treasured, Aunty Margaret was a lovely cook and had 'baking days', with lots of bowl licking out - ah, special times!

  3. Yu have some beautiful fabrice there - very pretty!

  4. Anonymous10:43 am GMT

    My sewing machine has come out after a very long rest.I'm about to help a freinds daughter make a dress! Iloe the little hearts by your cornish ware jug. where can i find the pattern. I'm enjoying your blog i love your photos. ME

  5. What gorgeous bags! They're like a row of art, and they just look so fantastic all lined up like that. You make it all sound very easy to accomplish, but I bet it's harder than it looks, as simple things often are. Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  6. Great idea Sue, and they look lovely, but does your daughter actually use them? I have put so many systems into place for my boys (see my blog on 'The Hell of an Untidy Bedroom')but it makes absolutely no difference - their room looks like it has been abandoned by squatters!

  7. Wartime Housewife, no of course she doesn't use them! I knew even as I was sewing them that I was wasting my time. She is the most untidy child I've ever met. Ever. My boys on the other hand, particularly the younger one are very organised and tidy. I shall check your untidy bedroom post.

    ME, the heart pattern is here http://belladia.typepad.com/bella_dia/2008/02/sweet-heart-cro.html. It's quite easy to do ;O)


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