The Quince Tree in March and Cinnamon Rolls

The Quince Tree in March is really not much more exciting than the Quince Tree in January and February. Partly due, I think, to the fact that I don't seem to be able to take good outdoors photographs. Anyway there's a bit more sun today than there was for the Jan and Feb pics. Here she is.

She still has bare branches but if you look closely you will see that they are full of buds.

We're on our way. I have high hopes for April - blossoms and leaves.
There isn't much in my garden but a few judicious close-ups and I can make it look quite good :o)

: :

Cinnamon Rolls

As a change from my usual wholemeal loaves I thought I'd make white bread today. The children think this is really special. I've built up quite a good stock of bread in my freezer so I thought I'd use some of the dough to make this sticky treat. Cinnamon rolls are a bit like Chelsea buns without the dried fruit. Recipes I have seen  for them include fat and eggs in the dough and a sweet glaze is usually added after baking. My version is much plainer. I just use a plain old bread dough (strong white flour, yeast, salt and water).

I cut my big batch of dough into four and put three pieces into loaf tins. I rolled the fourth piece into a big rectangle and smeared it liberally with butter. Margarine will NOT do, for this or indeed anything else. Throw that stuff away, it isn't food. Next I sprinkled sugar over and dusted it with cinnamon.

 I rolled it up and sliced it into chunks.

I put the chunks in a greased cake tin. A rectangular traybake tin works too.

Leave them to prove for about 15 mins under a damp cloth.

See how they have grown. Bake in a very hot oven for 25 mins. If you are using a loose-bottomed cake tin be sure to place it on a baking sheet first or a lot of the buttery sticky syrup will escape all over the bottom of your oven. Ask me how I know.

Yum. Note, if you have heeded my advice about baking sheets the bottoms of the rolls will be covered with a glorious sticky goo. Mine aren't.

Enjoy with a cup of coffee. Repeat as needed.

My basic bread recipe is here.



  1. I'm sure your tree will look amazing in a few weeks time.
    Thank you for your comments on my blog.

  2. Do you know I can actually smell the cinnamon? Yummee. Yep spring is on its way. Stats are fun and absorbing and amazing I only ever get few comments friends tell me that they are unable to do anything. I don't understand that but they use facebook instead as I publish the blog there too for more exposure Hee hee

  3. Thanks for that Louise. I thought something had gone wrong with the comments, maybe people aren't that interested in cinnamon rolls, my kids were though and polished off the lot.
    Sue x

  4. Bitsy Beans7:49 pm GMT

    Those cinnamon rolls look and sound lovely. I think I shall be making some this weekend.

  5. Anonymous7:54 pm GMT

    I will have to try these!! yummers. What does prove mean? To place the cinnamon rolls under a damp cloth and let them "prove"?

    Is that to let them rise?

  6. I SO agree with you about margarine and other ghastly substitutes. They are not food and our bodies don't recognise them. There are loads of other things like that as well but I can't think of them right now!!

  7. Josette, yes prove means to rise. It refers to the second rising when you are 'proving' that the yeast is working.I'd already let the dough rise for two hours.

    Wartime Housewife don't get me started on 'that which is not food'!

  8. Margarine is the food of the devil! As a child I hated it and I was quite prepared to eat dry bread - but it was not allowed! I was forced to eat it, and it was often Echo.

    My aunty would give me bread with lard (home made) on it, I liked that.

    Now I am a grown up and can eat what I want I have butter - or dry bread and jam.

  9. So happy to have found your blog! Loving those cinammon rolls, I made Sally Lunn loafs today and am happily anticipating toast and butter for breakfast tomorrow. I often make small rolls in the same way as your cinammon buns but ice the tops - my kids still call them "iced bums" even though they are all now grown.
    Pauline :-) (westcoastscot)

  10. Iced bums, love it! Thanks Pauline x

  11. Hello sue, love your blogs!

    My partner is tring to master bread, and had tried a few recipes, but they are always a bit dense, and they tend to use a lot of yeast, is it the doves farm quick yeast you use as I cant find one with easyblend on the box?

    Ta, Jenny.

  12. Anonymous10:36 pm BST

    Yum yum, I made Swedish bulle (or however you spell them) - basically, add about 1 1/2 tsp ground cardamon to the dough....DIVINE! DD and I couldn't stop eating them!

  13. Just planted a Quince tree last week. Like your info. Also going to try recipe!


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