My Princess

No, not my daughter this time. Much as I love her I'd never describe her as my princess. Princesses, I am sure, comb their hair and clean their teeth everyday.

No, the princess in question is my beloved bicycle. My Pashley Princess. Here she is.

The time had come for a ride. The sun was shining, wine was needed. Tesco is only a ten minute cycle away, the Princess has a capacious basket and I needed the exercise, so off I jolly well went. I arrived at Tesco with a face like a beetroot and legs feeling like rubber.

Pashley Cycles are as English as Shakespeare and come from the same town. They have extended their range recently to include the heart-stoppingly pretty Poppy (I love the blue) and the new Britannia which comes patriotically in red, white or blue. They also have a funky contemporary range. Those delivery bikes and the red Royal Mail bikes you see are by Pashley.


Unfortunately if you want to acquire a Pashley, you will need to save your pennies or divert funds from the housekeeping. They aren't cheap and why should they be? They are handbuilt and gorgeous. I was a terribly lucky girl and was given my Princess as a birthday present a few years ago. C found her advertised in our local paper. She had been bought for a lady who had been unable to use her due to illness. I'm afraid I profitted from that lady's bad luck, her husband was keen, however, to see the Princess go to a good home and he was asking £200 less than its retail price.

I really didn't buy flowers solely so that I could photograph them in the Princess' basket.

They do look nice though don't they? :o)



  1. Anonymous1:55 pm GMT

    wow thats looks like the kind of bike you would float along country lanes with your summer dress on and a flake in the basket! How is the seat on your bike I find bike seats now a thing of torture not designed for ladies. I have stopped going on my bike for that very reason I suffered too much!


  2. Kim, it could have been made for a lady's bottom, probably was. I know exactly what you mean about the summer dress. I sometimes picture myself in land girl garb as I toil along on my bike -not a good look for me btw. I don't wear a cycle helmet because they just don't look right on a Pashley which give my children an opportunity to accuse me of double standards.
    Sue x

  3. Oh she is gorgeous!

    I have been tempted several times in the past year or so to get a bike (I don't drive), but am always put off when I see so many drivers get perilously close to cyclists.

    Yes, whole flowing skirt/summer day vision going on here too, lol.

  4. I'm saving for a pashley. I'm thinking about a poppy maybe pink, probably blue. Lucky you!

  5. I've always rather fancied a Pashley Tricycle!

  6. Anonymous12:22 am GMT

    I would sooo love to have that. Of course the shops aren't close around here and toting the little ones would be out of the questions...but a girl can dream can't she?

  7. Absolutely beautiful - but then again, I'm biased in that view! Lovely photos - I've yet to put flowers in my basket :)


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