Mothering Sunday

Well a merry Mothering Sunday to all you mummies, grandmamas, great-grandmamas and mums-to-be. This year Mothering Sunday has been a bit more of an event here at the Quince Tree than it usually is. Yes, I still ended up cooking lunch and dinner and doing the laundry but I was greeted by this when I came into the kitchen this morning.

Bless them. It is nice to have children old enough to make you breakfast.

Red roses too .

It's been a lovely day in my part of the world and we took advantage of the sunshine and went for a walk at Croome Park. My it was busy there, but we had a lovely walk. Spring is surely springing.

After our walk I had a long soak in the bath with a book. Now I'm looking forward to watching something escapist- Stardust probably- and sharing a bottle of red and some chocolate with C. He deserves a share, after all if it weren't for him I wouldn't be a mother :o)



  1. hello Sue,

    just found your lovely blog via 'little pink room'- miniature green and blacks, what a treat!

  2. Lovely photos - Spring must be here at last!


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