March Sampler

The end of another month. Despite the fact that I needed my woolly hat again this morning Spring is here, there are signs everywhere I look and Easter is nearly here. We don't celebrate Easter in a big way but I shall be baking hot cross buns tomorrow in time for Good Friday and I have plans for some pretty Easter decorating. I'm also going to be handing over a large chunk of cash to my butcher for a leg of lamb which we don't often have. You can be sure I'll be making use of every last scrap.
: :

I made my little pouch in which to keep my 'ladies' things' :o) I'm  pleased with it although I could have made a better job of finishing it, particularly the red edging. I used a bit of every colour from my new stash of Debbie Bliss cotton DK.

Sorry to harp on about this subject but I just have to show you this. What a hoot! At least my pouch is multipurpose- it also contains a mirror and some paracetemol.

I shall be back tomorrow with hot cross buns and maybe a bit more crochet.


  1. Oh my goodness, those tampon covers are hilarious. Yours however is fantastic. I love the rainbow of colours. I haven't the foggiest idea about anything crochet related so it looks really difficult and therefore impressive in my book.

  2. Love the link to the tampon holder - uterus and ovaries... what on earth was she thinking?? Yours is much purtier!

  3. Great link! I think I prefer your little pouch, though - I'd hate to have uterus falling out of my handbag at the supermarket checkout.

  4. For someone like myself who only wishes (atm!) that they could crochet, knit etc...etc... the trim looks perfect, as does the rest! And of course the colours! We wouldn't expect anything less =)

  5. J and Kadeeae, crochet really isn't difficult. I think it is easier than knitting and more forgiving I think.

  6. You're a clever old Hector arent you! Lovely.


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