Lemon Curd

Or Edible Sunshine as I like to think of it.

At breakfast this morning my children finished off the last of the blackcurrant jam I made in the summer. I had  a good crop of currants and it has lasted us quite well. The children don't like marmalade and there won't be any more jam until June at the earliest so I make them lemon curd to spread on their toast. I love it stirred into thick yogurt.
I like to think lemon curd is a bit more nutritious than jam. It has eggs in after all and therefore protein :o)

It is easy to make but best done in small quantities. It doesn't keep well so one jar at a time is the way to go.

Ingredients for 1 large jar

3 eggs, beaten and strained to get rid of those little lumpy bits
juice and zest of 3 lemons (use unwaxed ones)
4 oz of butter
6 oz caster sugar

First, put the lemon juice, zest, sugar and butter in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water and stir until the butter has melted and the sugar has dissolved.

Next, remove the bowl from the heat and pour in the eggs. Return the bowl to the pan of simmering water.

 Continue to stir the mixture until it thickens enough to coat the back of a spoon. Make sure the water is simmering, if you let the mixture boil you will end up with lemon scrambled eggs.
Pour into a sterilised jar (simply wash your jar and dry out in a 100 degree for about 10 mins), seal and leave to cool. Store in the fridge where it will keep for 2 weeks.

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It's a gorgeous lemon fresh day here, I hope it is sunny where you are too. Many thanks for the continuing comments xx



  1. It is years since I made lemon curd and yet I adore the golden nectar. I must get some lemons next time I'm out - and butter too, used the last in the chocolate brownies which are simply divine!

    I made the 'Likky Tart', we enjoyed it both hot and cold. I used wholemeal potato pastry which was quite crunchy (if even hard) but nice. It meant that with 8oz flour I only used 2oz butter, so guilt free.

  2. Anonymous7:52 pm GMT

    Lovely. I made lemon curd today too and we have ours stirred into homemade yogurt.


  3. Anonymous7:24 pm GMT

    I also love homemade lemon curd in my homemade yoghurt.


  4. Anonymous4:46 pm BST

    I made Lemon Curd today using your recipe, which has only half the sugar of my usual recipe.

    Really delicious!!! Also, thank you for the suggestion of melting the butter and sugar first.......it certainly makes the whole process easier than starting off with everything in together.

    I am enjoying your blog, as you do many of the things that I also enjoy. Hope the French is coming along well.......Io studio l'italiano!



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