Jeans into Skirt

My daughter had a pair of jeans that were ripped at the knee. We'd already cut down a pair for shorts last year so I thought I'd do something different with this pair. I spent today making them into a little skirt.

It turned out to be quite easy. Simply cut the legs off at the length you want, unpick the crotch seam. Then use the leg pieces to fill in the v-shaped gaps at front and back. Trim excess fabric and sew in place. Hem and add some decoration if you like. I added some rustic style appliqué circles (rustic means 'not very neat' in this case). It isn't the most professional of jobs as you can see. The hem is particularly badly finished, all those thick seams to sew through, but to be honest the waistband and pockets aren't much better and I wasn't responsible for that part.

Click on the picture if you want to see the little pictures more clearly.

Here's one of my better efforts which I made last summer.
A bo peep skirt.

The pattern is taken from Anna Maria Horner's lovely book Seams To Me. My daughter seemed very pleased with it but she's only worn it once. I don't suppose she'll wear the jeans skirt much either. I'm afraid she likes new stuff off the peg rather than mum-made. Never mind.



  1. Anonymous7:04 pm GMT

    I am loving your blog, you do all the things I have spent my life doing and it's wonderful to know that this sort of thing continues. There have been times when I have thought I was last of the line.
    The little denim skirt is so, well 'thrifty' I do hope your daughter will wear it, like the bo-peep one too. Bella.

  2. I would think that your daughter will like the jeans skirt - it is very 'cool' - easy to wear as well.

    I like it!

  3. Anonymous12:25 am GMT

    oh, I have been meaning to make some jean skirts. Thanks for the clean pictures so I can see how it is done. i am a visual "hands on" kinda gal. I love the "bo peep". I will have to do these when I have a spare moment.

  4. I'm very pleased to say that the jeans skirt has become a firm favourite with my daughter. She wears it often, in fact she's wearing it now over leggings.

  5. Love your blog a gal after my own heart!!! I've got a couple of pairs of jeans I'm definitely going to try and do this with, denim is soooo easy to wear be it skirt or jeans.. thank you for the inspiration xxx


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