Japanese Crochet Book

It's so exciting to receive mail from far away.

Last week Lucy posted pictures of her new Japanese crochet book. What gorgeous loveliness there was inside. Well, this morning the postman brought me the second book in this series.I think it's called Pretty Colour Crochet and Knit Goods 2, but can't be sure owing to the fact the I can't read Japanese. Will there be more? I certainly hope so because this one is just as gorgeous.

Scrumptious purse or little bag


Stunning hexagons

Sweet slippers

I'm not too sure what these are, I think they must be wrist warmers. Pretty whatever they are.

These must be where the expression 'cute as a button' comes from.

Yes, the instructions are all in Japanese, but no matter for there are diagram patterns as well as written ones. In any case I see the projects in this book as a source of inspiration not necessarily to be followed to the letter (or character).

I bought this little book, like Lucy from Pomadour24. She has an Etsy shop and an Ebay shop. I got mine from Ebay. I can't see it there at the moment but maybe she will restock.



  1. Oh my goodness. What inspiration you've uncovered in this little gem of a book.
    Those boots are FANTASTIC, though I can't see my other half being that impressed with me if I walked round town with him whilst wearing them (ha ha).
    Everything you've shown us looks well cool. Glad you'll be able to follow the diagrams rather than having to take an evening class in Japanese.

  2. oooooooooooo what gorgeous gorgeousness!!!
    I#ve ordered that book too and just been messaged to say it's been shipped today, hooray!!! hoping to have it at the weekend, so excited!

  3. I love sewing, I can knit but I don't (can't do everything) but I have never learned to crochet. I absolutely love knitted and crocheted things and I'm almost prepared to learn how to in order to make thosae boots. I don't think I would ever take them off!

    Presumably you can already crotchet - is it difficult?

  4. It's not difficult WH. The easiest way to learn is to get someone to show you. Books are good but nothing beats actually being shown.I think it is easier than knitting and much less boring. It grows satisfyingly quickly and much can be done piecemeal. Do take a look at Lucy's lovely site Attic24 (on my favourites list)for inspiration and fab tutorials.

    I think the boots are intended for indoor wear. Japanese craft books are full of patterns for slippers, shoes being for outdoors only in Japan. I'm tempted to have a go at them myself.

  5. I will do, thanks. I'm up to my eyes trying to find a new house to rent and I've only got 5 weeks, so I think I might make it an autumn/winter project to learn how to crochet.

    I'm a bit of a one for wanting to KNOW how to do things even if I never actually do them. Siege mentality I suppose. Sister the 1st and I often talk about what would happen if there was some catastrophic event and all the power went; how many of us would have enough skills to survive? Not in a gloomy way you understand!

  6. Isn't the book LUSH???????
    I haven't stopped drooling.
    ps Sue, your blog is LOVELY, will add you to my blog list when I next update :o)xx


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