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Good Monday to all of you. I want to thank you all for the lovely comments you are leaving at The Quince Tree. I do appreciate each and every one of them. I am having such fun writing this blog and one of the best bits is seeing that another comment has been left, it makes my day!

Cath, it was no trouble, really!

You know that phrase 'a want not a need'? It's something I trot out fairly regularly in an effort to make my children (particularly son number 2) realise that they rarely need what they think they need. In son number 2's case an Xbox is the current object of his desire. I tell him he has everything he needs and anything else must be saved for from his pocket money which, by the way, is extra to his needs. Sometimes, though it is hard to practise what you preach which is why the postman knocked at my door not once but twice today bearing parcels for me, me, me! Both containing wants not needs.

I could not resist this Cath Kidston bag.

Aren't these retro badges utterly fab?

I love it! I have been looking for a roomy across-the-body bag for a while. I needed wanted (oops!) a bag large enough to hold library books and the ring binder I take to my French classes. I also loathe bags that fall off my shoulders all the time. This one is perfect. You can see it here at The Cath Kidston online store. Hurry, it's a limited edition. By the way I've suggested they sell the badges as a separate item for customers to sew onto their own items. I think they'd be really popular don't you?

I also bought a new purse, something I definitely didn't need.

Needless to say I have nothing to put in it now.

My other parcel contained more excitement. Fresh, new yarn from Debbie Bliss. This is her cotton DK and I bought it from Consider The Lily who were very friendly and helpful.

Yum, now, what to make....?

I had all sorts of plans for an Eastery garland but I had to wait longer than anticipated to buy the yarn (saving up you know) and I don't think I'm going to be able to get anything together in time for Easter this year. My first project with this lovely yarn is going to be a little purse/pouch  in which to keep 'personal' items. The one disadvantage of my new bag is that it has no zipped pockets. It has pockets but they are bit big and easy to see into.

Obviously I don't want my tampons rolling around the desk when I take out my French books at my class, it would frighten the men. Oh la la! Il y a des tampons sur la table! So, a little crocheted purse seems like a good idea and a much better one than spending more money.

But what to do with the bulk of the yarn? I'm leaning toward a small blanket, possibly of little squares of one colour each. What do you think? I'd love to have your opinions :o)


  1. They are beautiful colours - blanket would be lovely. Loving that new bag - definately a 'need'!

  2. Ah, needs and wants, wants and needs! I picked up a lot of similar badges at a boot sale and I put them on tote bags I made from mattress ticking which I gave to friends.

    Lovely colours, the collection is a work of art in itself. I am planning a shawl for summer. Often I feel chilly, but a cardigan is too much! I saw one on the tele made in stripes.

  3. The bag is great and it's given me a fab idea of what to do with my million and one cloth badges I've collected from over the years.
    Don't all those colourful yarns look great together?

  4. Quelle horreur pas des tampons!!!! Yummy yum yum for the yarn. I like your idea, go for it.You could bring it out on barbe nights and rug up as the aussies say. Oh dear I'm going to have to visit the yarn store that you mentioned.

  5. That bag is a real blast from the past for me,as we all had bags like that when I was at college doing my A'Levels in 1981!!Just goes to show if we kept all the stuff we bought as teenagers they really do come back into fashion lol


  6. Hi Sue, I posted a comment on your other blog below, just in case you dont check it, just a quick question about yeast you use! Your bread recipe looks fab, deffo going to try it x

  7. Do you know I could have rows of silks or wool in a frame on the wall. Or cotton reels. Once, in the Goldmark Gallery in Uppingham, someone had done a rack full of test tubes full of really bright chemicals and then framed them in a beautiful old fashioned oak and glass frame. Gorgeous.

    I'm knitting a throw for my tatty sofa with different coloured squares, But I'm actually knitting them in strips to save the constant casting on and off.

  8. Ruby Slippers, yes it is the dove's Farm yeast I use, the one in the little orange packet. 1 teaspoon to 1½lbs of flour. enjoy your baking :o)

    Maureen, a shawl is a good idea, I shall think about that, although a small blanket/throw is most likely because then I'll be able to see it every day, perhaps it could be a shawl-blanket.

    Wartime Housewife I love rainbow arrangements of all kinds; boxes of pencils, crayons, spools of thread, stacks of fabrics. I used to spend hours putting my coloured pencils in spectrum order, seems I'm still doing it.

    Sue xx

  9. Anonymous9:42 am BST

    To solve the problem of the open pockets on your lovely new bag, sew a bit of velcro on the inside of each pocket.I love your new yarn. ME

  10. loving your bag! recall having one similar in the late 70's. I'm just beginning a new ripple rug for the winter - the one I made last year has migrated :-), you could use a small amount to make a summer garland for the quince tree? lovely in the breeze
    Pauline :-)

  11. Thank you ME, you are, as ever, a fund of useful advice :o)I do want them to remain open though so that I can get at things easily.
    Sue xx

  12. Hi Sue, sorry to be a pain but is it this one?


    just want to get the right one, its just that it dosen't have easyblend on the packet just quick yeast, thanks.

  13. You're absolutely right about it being a good idea if Cath K were to sell those badges separately, brilliant idea! Your bag looks so much nicer in your photos, I was looking at it on her site, and thinking I wasn't sure, but it looks fab in your photos, very tempting.......... Lovely, lovely yarn colours, the blanket sounds wonderful, though it has just sprung to mind that you could use some of it to crochet or knit my mystery project for Coats Crafts, when it goes on the site, I used cotton, and it worked beautifully. I'm a fan of that Provence flower cath K pattern too, it's perfect isn't it?! Love Vanessa xxx

  14. Ruby Slippers, yes that's the one ;-)

    Vanessa, your mystery project sounds most intriguing.I shall keep a look out for it.
    Sue xx

  15. I definitely have the 'wanties' at the moment. Must be the weather. A x

  16. I've been dreaming over the Cath Kidston catalogue for the last 2 weeks. That bag is one of my objects of desire for sure.

  17. Hello! I found you via attic 24. I've just bought a CK messenger bag and included photos of it in my last post too! Off to peruse your blog further to see if we have anything else in common...


  18. Gosh I am slavering over all that beautiful yarn!! looks AMAZING...is it nice to work with?? I don't think I'[ve ever come across it....oh i have the WANTIES now!!!!


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