A Bit of Baking

I've been having a bit of a bake today. This is my everyday sort of baking; bread, flapjacks and muffins (these are apple). Plainish fare for the family table. The flapjacks and muffins form the main source of snacks for my kids, they go in their lunchboxes and are grabbed when they come in from school.

I bake bread twice a week, four loaves at a time. I buy some bread -pittas and baguettes now and again but mostly I bake all our bread myself. I began years ago when my daughter was diagnosed with peanut allergy, it seemed easier and logical to make everything myself. I've got plenty of time and I really enjoy it. I couldn't go back to shop bought bread again, there'd be a riot! Taking the freshly baked loaves out of the oven never fails to put a smug, oops I mean satisfied smile on my face :o)

I put a breadmaking tutorial up on flickr a while ago. Do have a wander over there if you're interested. I'm planning to write more about making muffins at a later date. They are so easy, so quick, so adaptable and so economical no wonder they are a regular fixture in my kitchen.

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I got two loads of washing dry outside today! Is Spring really here?


  1. I bake my own bread and it is good! I use a no knead wholemeal recipe which is very easy.

    We have been working in the garden - sitting outside for our morning coffee - after our grim winter it is heavenly.

    Pittas are easy to make and freeze really well.
    I have never made a muffin! Shame on me!!!

  2. Anonymous11:00 pm GMT

    Mmmmm lovely homemade bread and cakes, every home should have some.


  3. Have you a recipe for your bread? It would be lovely if you could post it.

  4. It's all in the bread-making tutorial Maureen ;-)

  5. Pay attention Maureen - !!

    Will check it out as I am going to make bread this afternoon.


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