A pile of loveliness for one special 10 year old girl.

Want to see what's inside? 

A lovely crochet book plus some yarn. I think she'll find it easier to follow righthanded instructions than have her lefthanded mum confuse her.

A gorgeous book of patterns for teeny tiny felt toys which I saw on Athene Noctua and a stack of four inch felt squares from Paper and String. It arrived beautifully wrapped in green tissue.

Pink ribbon too

Cute doggy

Weird but sweet. I do have more fingers by the way.

This is the one she wants to make first. And who can blame her? I added a packet of tracing paper and some decent scissors so she's ready to get started.

New clothes. Boden has done rather well out of us this month and Fat Face has done well out of my mum-in-law and my daughter has done well out of everybody.

A friend came to a tea which consisted mainly of sweets, crisps and fizzy pop.

Oh yes there were some tomatoes too. I think 3 were eaten.

Birthday cake -suitable for a ten year old.

All in all a successful day, daughter has gone to bed well pleased. C has bought a bottle of wine, it's a celebration after all ;o)

One final pic. My sister in law is renowned for her impeccable taste (she gets it from her mother) and always chooses gorgeous cards and gifts. Look at the exquisite cutout card she gave her niece.



  1. Lucky girl! I've been straight to Amazon to put the Felties book on my wishlist, and I love the cake. The card looks like a Rob Ryan design - I think I'd be finding a frame for it!

  2. Happy belated birthday to your daughter, what a wonderful pile of goodies! (the images I sometimes use on my blog featuring different months are from some vintage posters I have)
    Thank you for hte lovely colourful photos today

  3. What lovely presents - hope your daughter had ahappy day. The Felties book looks lovely.

  4. Happy birthday to your ten year old, and what lovely gifts! With my Mystic Maureen hat on I foretell hours of fun, lovely.

    Fifty one and a half years ago I was ten and for my birthday I got just what I wanted - a bucket bag. I'd forgotten all about it until I read the post!

  5. Such a lucky girl! I love that stack of felt, what a great gift. I saw those laser-cut cards at a trade fair in February, they're just beautiful! Xx

  6. Many happy, happy returns! What a lovely pile of treats and delicious looking cake. Oh to be ten again!
    Love Stephx

  7. what lovely gifts. I wouldn't say no to them either! and how lovely that your daughter wants to learn. The cake looks extra nice who wants tomato when smartie cake is around.


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