The Quince Tree in February

Just a quickie today. C has the day off as it is our wedding anniversary. We have been out for lunch and are feeling rather full and sleepy.

I just wanted to post a pic of the quince tree one month on from the last one. I thought I'd take one on the 25th of each month just to see its progress through the year. I shall probably forget in December. Anyway here she is, just as drab as in January really, but she will improve I promise.


  1. Anonymous8:40 pm GMT


    Thanks for keeping this blog going, I do check most days.
    Love to see the quice tree throughout the year.

    Linda32 at MSE

  2. Thank you both :o)

  3. I would like to second what Anon says, this is a very nice blog!

    Also, my gooseberry to Kerttle book arrived yesterday, it is really good.

    When I finish typing this I'm off to make seitan.

  4. Anonymous9:01 pm GMT

    Have just posted this but it went in the wrong place.



  5. Happy anniversary!

    my hubby bought me an emma bridgewater tin with a quince tree on it... I had never heard of quince before!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog, athene noctua is the latin for little owl.... I love birds!


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