Little Circles

Hello! It's a bright sunshiney day in my part of the world (still very cold though) and I thought some bright sunshiney crochet would be nice. What do you think?

Little circles. Easy peasy and fast to make. The plan is to make them into a scarf. My wardrobe needs an injection of colour. I went clothes shopping yesterday and came back from M&S with several comfortable, practical and reasonably priced garments. Unfortunately they are also D U double L.

Oh, how I hate clothes shopping. I can never find clothes I like that like me back. My shopping trip was a necessary one. The four garments I was living in (two charity shop tops and two pairs of jeans) were literally wearing thin. I am the only person I know who wears clothes until they wear out. So I have had to spend the money I had earmarked for yarn on boring clothes (and petrol -even more boring). To cheer myself and my clothes up I'm making a little scarf.

I'm not sure how I will join them yet or whether to make a single chain of circles or a more random arrangement. Any suggestions would be welcome :o) Here's how to make them.

Little Circles
Chain 5, ss to make a ring.
Chain 3 (to count as first treble), treble 15 into the ring space.
Change colour tying new colour tightly to the tail of first colour.
Chain 3 into first chain space, 1 treble into same space.
2 trebles into each chain space.
Fasten off.



  1. I love the little circles you've crocheted, it's a great idea for using up scrap yarn.

  2. I know what you mean about clothes (well I think I know what you mean) as I always come home with dull stuff. My courage fails me as I look at myself in colourfull or 'interesting' clothes!

    I have promised myself some colourful tops for the summer. So at the mo I content myself with my two pink cardis!

    I have scarves but they make me too hot!

    Love the circles............

  3. I'm afraid I have to admit to wearing clothes until they wear out too... still try to find a way around that problem by making things. Unfortunuately my ambition is not matched by my sewing skills. Your crochet looks beautiful. I'm sure you'll find a way to make a lovely scarf. A x

  4. Anonymous11:26 pm GMT

    Lovely cheery circles, will brighten up the dullest outfit, can't wait to see the finished result

  5. Anonymous11:30 pm GMT

    Hi, such a learning curve, I am the anonymous above and I will get the hang of this comment business, I will, I will, because I love this blog.


  6. Anonymous2:40 pm GMT

    I went completely wild last week and bought the bright fuschia pink trench coat from M&S. I feel quite different wearing it - at least 20 years younger. I think that's the effect colour has sometimes.


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