Kettle Broth to Gooseberry Fool

One of my favourite cookery books is Kettle Broth to Gooseberry Fool by Jenny Baker. It is out of print but paperback copies can be had for very little. If you like lots of colourful photographs then this is not the book for you. No photos at all, just a few pen and ink illustrations.

In the introduction the author describes how whilst researching the cookery of northern France she began to see similarities with the dishes she remembered eating in England as a child. Dishes that relied on 'good, fresh produce: aromatic spices and sweet garden herbs, fresh vegetables from the garden, fish caught around our shores, seasonal game. Fruit came from local orchards and meat and dairy produce from rich grazing pastures. Lots of dishes were cooked in wine or cider. Even occasionally garlic!'

I love the way the book is organised.

Here's a taster of some of the recipes; ginger cream, London Particular, Berkshire jugged steak, syllabub, duck with peas, apple dumplings, West Country wassail, Roman mussels, rabbit with cider and prunes and pan haggerty

One of my favourites is likky tart. It's what I made for supper last night.

You can read a review of Kettle Broth to Gooseberry Fool here.


  1. That looks like a lovely cook book. I'm a bit of cook book addict. Have you tried the Vicar's wife? Lovely, simple family food. A x

  2. That looks lovely, certainly will try it. Maybe I will have chicken the next day when I can use the bones and green parts to make soup!

    I made cheese pudding. I had two naan breads in the freezer and used that. I had a visitor while it was cooking she was sniffing the air like a Bisto Kid. I told her what it was and she had never heard of it - youf today!

    I'm tempted to buy this book! Get thee behind me...

    Now, over to Amazon.

  3. Aoife, I've had a brief look at the Vicar's Wife book. I noticed we have some of the same cookbooks.

    Maureen, good idea about the chicken. I love rolling one meal into another.

  4. Anonymous12:01 pm GMT

    Found it! This really is one of my favourite cookery books, so nice to find another fan. I keep meaning to find out more about JB as hers is not a name I particularly remember.


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