Feeling blue....

but in a happy way.

I've started a new crochet project. Yes, I know I've got my little circles scarf thingy to finish but I'm a bit stuck with the joining. I'll work out something that pleases me eventually but for now I'm rippling. Following Lucy's tutorial I'm making a small blanket to throw over an armchair. I found I had quite a few blues and purples in my yarn bag so I added a few more during a shopping trip to my local Hobby Craft.

Rippling is a lot easier than it looks. Try it!

: :
I was tempted by bunches of ranunculus at Waitrose on Monday but they were very expensive and only a few stems to a bunch so I went for some potted hyacinths instead, a pound off too! They smell gorgeous and look how blue they are.



  1. Anonymous4:46 pm GMT

    Love your ripples, it's fun isn't it. I've finished a pink and white blanket and think I now have and addiction and have started another one.

    Happy rippling,

  2. OOOOO Blue is my favorite colour. I rippled once but all one colour. A bit silly really. Ripples look soooo much better stripey. Thanks for your comment. I really do like living here. You sound like you know it. Have you visited?

  3. Thanks Louise. I don't know your part of Yorkshire as well as I'd like but Yorkshire is god's own country isn't it?

    Thanks to you to Bella :o)

  4. I adore hyacinths. Just one in a pot fills the living room with scent. I must get some to dot around the house.

    I think blue goes really well in ripple blankets as it's like the waves on the sea.


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