February Sampler

It's been quite a busy month. A month of celebrations. First there was Candlemas, then my younger son turned 13, next came St Valentine followed by Shrove Tuesday, then our 15th wedding anniversary and today my dad's birthday. Not bad for the shortest month.

The special days of the year are like the decorations on the Christmas tree. The tree is the year and we hang festivals and birthdays upon it to make it sparkle.

One of the lovely things about blogging and reading blogs is being able to see what other people are doing to celebrate the year's special days. There are so many creative souls in blogland sharing their ideas and inspiring us to make the everyday special, or indeed showing us that the everyday is special in itself.


  1. Did I miss the crochet hearts? They are so pretty. I do like the colours you work with.

    I recently watched 'Bless This House' a film I really enjoy. This last time it was on I noticed how much colour there was. People's clothes - even the middle aged ladies - had pattern and colour! Have we all become so drab? When I look in my wardrobe it is very dreary. This summer I shall buy some bright tee shirts!

  2. ooh how lovely how did you do that? Still learning this stuff me.

  3. Maureen, I only made three hearts so I didn't blog about them. I may add them to a springtime garland I'm planning.

    Louise, mosaic or sampler making is easy peasy and loads of fun. Go to http://bighugelabs.com/ and select the mosaic maker option.


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