Domestic Bliss

Three things making my day blissful
First cake.

Second flowers. My Valentine roses are looking gorgeous but smelling of nothing.

Third books. I've been enjoying reading these three today.The top two are recent purchases and the other a favourite source of inspiration.

Jane Brocket's book The Gentle Art of Domesticity is well known in blogland. It is a beautiful celebration of the domestic arts of baking, cake decorating, gardening, embroidery, knitting and quilting. For me it is  justification for a life spent pottering around the kitchen.

 I come from a generation of girls who were actively discouraged from wanting a simple life of homemaking. Such an ambition was considered a waste of intelligence and opportunity. I always felt this attitude to be unfair and short-sighted. I followed the university and career route for as long as necessary before the birth of my first child gave me the chance of freedom in the home.

 A life of domestic drudgery  is surely to be despised. Cleaning, laundering and tidying do not thrill me, they are merely necessary tasks to be accomplished in order for the home to run smoothly. Such tasks can be delegated to other family members (teenagers are good for this) leaving time for more creative and soul-satisfying activities. Nothing makes me happier than a morning spent alone in my kitchen listening to an audio book, or an afternoon spent with my crochet and a Powell and Pressburger film (A Canterbury Tale for preference). I am truly grateful to my husband for making this possible which is why I never expect him to do any household tasks. Except fixing the computer. Believe me I know how lucky I am.


  1. The cleaning and laundry is there whatever one does. I retired early because of caring for my mother and I was asked many times if I got bored at home. Even now I wish there were more hours in the day!

  2. What a lovely post :-)

    I shall have to search for the Jane Brocket book, I've only heard of it, will get it ordered from the library to tide me over.

    BTW- seeing the Mary Berry book reminded me, the Apple Cinnamon cake has been made and it was very good, hope to get it 'posted' this week.

  3. I must try it Kadeeae. I didn't manage it last week due to a sudden lack of eggs. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Jane's book is amazing. I had post natal depression after the birth of my second baby. I'd just given up my career and moved city and I felt like I'd lost my identity. Jane's book helped me to realise that my new life at home was equally valid. I'm now happier and more chilled than ever before. Cleaning will never be fun but at least we have time to create. A x

  5. Anonymous6:34 am GMT

    I love staying at home too. I am truly blessed. Your blog is so pretty. It doesn't make my eyes all crazy reading it (if you know what I mean.).


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