Candlemas bells is another name for the snowdrop. So called because they are in flower by Candlemas day which is the 2nd of February. Candlemas has its origins in pagan times when it was celebrated with a festival of lights -Imbolg. It is the midpoint between the winter soltice and the spring equinox, a time when the days are visibly lengthening. The Christian church celebrates the 2nd of February as the time when the infant Christ was brought to the temple where Simeon called Him 'a light'. It is the day when all the candles to be used in the church in the coming year were blessed.

I do not hold strong religious beliefs but I do like to acknowledge the turning of the year. My family only join in when there is food or presents involved. This particular festival has neither so I had a little festival of lights by myself.

You can find out more about Candlemas here.

Thank you again for all the lovely comments xx



  1. Thank you, I knew none of that. It does fascinate me to learn more ways the Christians adopted what was happening in the places they wanted to colonise!

    I also love Candlemas Bells. The white and green are clean and pure.

  2. I made the barley risotto, it was nice. With what was left - boy it made a lot and there is only the two of us - I added an egg, made it into patties, coated with wholemeal flour and cooked for 30 mins at 200d. Very good.


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