Yesterday my children were all bored, really BORED. I don't see it as part my job as a mother to solve boredom. I don't entertain my children either, school holidays are not spent going on endless outings. Boredom is not life threatening and in my opinion should be solved by the sufferer. So I ignore all complaints of boredom beyond the obvious suggestions of doing homework and tidying their rooms.

My daughter announced she was bored about six times during yesterday morning before finally coming up with a plan to combat it. 'I am going to sew a cushion' she said. Luckily she is well-stocked with craft supplies and is old enough to get on with things by herself.

I hadn't realised how many goodies she had in her craft box. I was wanting some buttons only the other day...

Here's how she made her little cushion.

Stitch the sides remembering to leave one side open for stuffing.

Add a face made from buttons and a glued on mouth.

Finally stuff with cotton wool and sew up the side.

She's busy making another one now- a monster in green felt. She has modified her original method a little. This time she is sewing the face before sewing up the sides as it was a little tricky to fasten off the buttons from the inside of the cushion. Learning from experience.

After the crafting was finished the snow came and boredom was well and truly conquered.

: :

Another cushion finished
Look, stitching so fast her hands are a blur!

And now we're ensconced on the sofa ready to watch Nanny McPhee, suggested by me because if I remember rightly it includes some rather lovely crocheted blankets (and the rather lovely Colin Firth) :o)
Have a wonderful weekend everybody.


  1. That has got to be some of the most colourful boredem relief I've seen in some time :-) The little cushions are great, and learning as you go . . . invaluable!

    I have ordered The Gentle Art of Domesticity from the library for the once over, but feel it's going to be a keeper and so ordered soon after.

  2. Anonymous5:32 pm GMT

    My DD used to love crafting when she was little. Im in total agreement with you re the boredom thing. In fact I actually say its good for you as it allows their brain to become more creative! Mollyx

  3. Hi, I agree, boredom is a part of life that young people must get used to. I too do not entertain my child. Not for me the ferrying of little T to taikwando, horseriding,football, scouts and cooking. I am liking your blog. I too started one and am finding it quite distracting. Keep going and thanks

  4. I agree with the comments about children and boredom! Even twenty years ago I knew parents who ran themselves ragged keeping their little darlings amused! You have to learn to amuse yourself and you will not do that if people keep amusing you!

    BTW, saw you are reading Julie and Julia and have the Julia Childs cookbook. The film is on at our local Arty cinema, as seats are £6 each for pensioners I investigated further. For £12.99 I pre-ordered a DVD AND the cook book from Amazon.

    I also got an email today to say my Kettle/Gooseberry Fool book has been dispatched.

    As 'The Man' said, it's a cheap enough pleasure so go for it. I can't help thinking he sees some deliciousness coming out of it!

    Hey Ho!

  5. Maureen I hope I'm not making you spend too much money! Enjoy the book. I have pre-ordered the Julie & Julia DVD too. I'm sure I'll love it-cooking and Meryl Streep, what's not to like? I'm finding the Julie Powell book a bit irritating. She swears a lot and doesn't talk enough about the actual cooking for my liking but it is very readable. I'm loving reading Julia Child's book though but haven't tried any recipes yet.I will soon.

    Thanks to everyone who has left a comment, you are all lovely :o)

  6. I wish mine would tackle boredom in a more creative way than rempaging through the house and squabbling with each other!

  7. I am a long time fan of a blogger in North Dakota called 'Affectioknit' and she has started a blog trying to create vegan versions of Julia Childs recipes. It is fun seeing the results. I am particularly keen to try seitan, but getting gluten flour is not easy, only by mail order which makes it pricey. I'm not a vegan myself, but I like to try new things.


    Affectioknit also is on Ravelry.

  8. Very cute! I do hate it when they say they're bored, looks like you have got the situation under control! A x


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