I showed you a glimpse of my crochet bag the other day. Now it is finished. I'm very happy with the way it has turned out. I'm using it to store my yarn in, I think it might prove a bit too stretchy for heavier use. If I make one for taking out and about I think it might need a lining.

Here it is from beginning to end.

Two things I've discovered while making my blanket and my bag. 1) I have to change colour every row or round. I simply can't contemplate crocheting anything with less than 10 colours at the very least.
2) Those colours can be any colour except black, white, grey or brown (unless a very rich golden brown or red brown).

Now I have to turn my thoughts to how I am going to fund my yarn habit. Having just spent far too much money at Waitrose again, I fear some strict menu planning and eating up of what we already have in the cupboards is in order. Then maybe I can syphon off some of the housekeeping money towards more exciting woolly purchases :o)

A big thank you to Lucy at Attic24 for her wonderful bag tutorial.


  1. The bag is quite splendid! I saw a crochet bag which was lined, looked okay.

    If you need some ideas on menu planning I know a good website called 'money saving old style'.....................

  2. That bag is beautiful! I have a fabric habit to fund... I'm afraid a few veggie meals on the menu is the only answer! A x

  3. oh how lovely to see your bag looking so bright and cheeerful and glorious, its wonderful!
    I really laughed at your plans to syphon off the hk money to fund yarn, thats exactly what I do but shhhhh don't tell my hubby!


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