Retail Therapy

I've been on an outing to a nearby garden centre this morning. You know the kind of place, they do sell plants and seeds somewhere but mostly it's full of 'stuff you don't need'. There is a big craft shop attached to this particular garden centre full of more stuff I don't need but might quite like all the same.

Want to see some of the things on offer?

Beautiful embroidery threads

Gorgeous cards

Colourful melamine and tins.

Look at these crocheted bootees! Aren't they lovely? Pity I don't know any babies to make some for.

: :

Want to see what I bought?

Some yarn to add to my stash. This is Patons Fairytale Colour4Me pure wool DK.

Yummy cards.

A surprise for my  9 year old daughter who is learning about the Elizabethans at school. It was going cheap.

Some tulips

All good retail therapy sessions must include chocolate. I confess I chose this particular bar of Green & Blacks purely because  the colour of the wrapper matched one of the balls of yarn. This variety is a bit on the sickly side to be honest. I much prefer the butterscotch one.

Not too extravagant a splurge, but very satisfying and it made me happy.

: :

Tomorrow I'm hoping to show you my granny squares blanket which marks my return to crochet after a good 25 years. I'm very proud of it.


  1. Love your phrase 'Stuff you don't need but quite like anyway' - I know exactly what you mean. It's so good sometimes!

    And your granola looks very tasty. I've never made it myself, but you may have inspired me to give it a go.

  2. Funny, I bought some new yarn and tulips the other day! (Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton and orangey-red tulips)

    I'm enjoying your blog. Love the colours. :)

  3. I bought a bunch of sunshiny yellow tulips at Marks & Spencers yesterday. Look lovely on my windowsill.


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