If, like me, you like to wield the jam pan on occasion, January means one thing -marmalade. Thursday saw me up to my nipples in the sticky orange stuff. Sixteen jars ought to be enough to see us through until next January. There'll be some to give away as well.

I bought my organic Sevilles from Waitrose where they cost £2.48 a kilo. It cost me 59p to make one jar of marmalade and that makes me happy.

I followed Delia's recipe from The Complete Cookery Course. I ignored her instruction to shred the peel by hand and chucked the lot into my Magimix and let the slicing disc do the work. You do get a few pieces that evade the blade but I can live with that. I substituted a quarter of the granulated sugar for jam sugar (the kind with added pectin) just to ensure a firm set.

The house was filled with the sweet, sticky scent of boiling sugar and oranges. That made me happy too.

It's been an orangey few days. Yesterday I made a dazzlingly orange sweet potato and coconut soup for a hasty lunch before rushing out to see a matinee performance of Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. There was quite a lot of orange in the show and red, and yellow, and green, and purple, and blue, and ochre.....

For supper I served up more orange in the form of butternut squash and feta orzotto. An orzotto is like a risotto but with barley instead of rice and without the constant stirring. I love barley, I love its chewy texture and its cheapness.
I added some sun-dried tomatoes and served it with a green salad.

Afterwards we ate some orange fruit -mango and charentias melon.

After all that beta-carotene a glass of something red seemed in order.



  1. Hi Sue

    Congrats on your blog. I will have a look from time to time, don't get all your pleasure from cooking, it's a bit of a chore to me take time from other things I prefer like craft work.


  2. Hello Thrifters, what a lovely blog, I saw it on Martin's site and hopped over for a look. I shall put it on my favourites. I have a special 'frugal and lovely living' file, it will slot into there quite nicely.

    I used to be a regular on Martin's, but I stopped when I realised it was more of an obsession than a pleasure! Not the Old Style, but another section. I now pop back from time to time, but only to Old Style , and I don't post anymore.

  3. Mioliere here. Brilliant start to your blog - I will be following it with interest! I had to laugh at you being 'up to your nipples'in the sticky orange stuff'!


  4. Anonymous1:18 pm GMT

    Am loving your blog. So bright and colourful. Love Mollyx

  5. Anonymous10:15 pm BST

    does it have to be seville oranges to make marmalade? Your food looks amazing...I am drooling right now.

  6. No, Josette they don't have to be Seville oranges. You can use sweet oranges. I think bitter marmalade is a very British taste. I understand the Spanish think we are crazy for liking their strange bitter oranges. They're probably right :o) Thank you for the compliment.
    Sue x

  7. Hummm...just realised the poppy post was not your first...so have gone from red to orange!


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