Granny Squares Blanket

 My granny squares blanket. Inspired by the lovely blankets Lucy makes at Attic 24.
It's been a long time since I did any crochet. When I was an art student many years ago I did lots of 'freeform crochet'. It broke the crochet rules. I thought traditional crochet was a bit fusty and old-fashioned. When I started reading Lucy's blog though I realised that crochet could also be vibrant and up to date whilst employing traditional techniques. It wasn't art school crochet and it wasn't my granny's crochet either. It was my kind of crochet.

There are 13 colours in the border. The same colours are used for the squares  along with 4 additional colours.

Working on the border.

These are the colours I used, all Rowan pure wool DK. The border was made in this order.

 Dahlia 042
 Hydrangea 027
 Port 037
 Pomegranate 029
 Kiss 036
 Tangerine 040
 Gilt 032
 Avocado 019
 Parsley 020
 Emerald 022
 Cypress 007
 Marine 008
 Ultra Marine 009

In addition to these colours I used

 Glacier 005
 Lavender 039
 Tea Rose 025
 Glade 021

I was ecstatically happy with the way my blanket had turned out. Keen to get a second opinion on its loveliness I asked C what he thought, 'mmm very good' was his verdict.

 I felt quite sad when I'd finished, no more blanket to work on. I had to find something else asap. My bag is coming along swimmingly.



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