Tuesday, 11 March 2014

We have had a dismal winter, it's been relentlessly wet and grey. For the first time I have longed for winter to be over. Usually I enjoy it but lack of proper wintry weather has made it seem longer than it actually has been. But spring is most definitely early this year. Below are links to my cherry blossom posts over the last four years. Today it is poised on brink of perfection. By the end of the week I am confident she will be at the pinnacle of pinkness and of course I will be back with more photographs.

7th April 2010
18th March 2011
25th March 2012
19th April 2013

Ingredients For A Sunday


Sunday, 9 March 2014

1. Sunshine and flowers. Lots of both.*

2. Gin and tonic. Just one.

3. Roast chicken. Two if you have teenage boys.

4. Bread and butter pudding.

5. England v Wales at Twickenham. It's an important match. May the best team win. As long as it's England! Scotland, you were robbed yesterday.

* If you look at this post from 21st March 2012 you will see spring is twelve days earlier this year.

Small Delights (IV)


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Blueberry yogurt pancakes with maple syrup. A delicious weekend breakfast.

The forsythia is beginning to bloom.

And the quince is budding.

Everything is so very green.

The sun felt warm on my face today. So very welcome.

It was our wedding anniversary today -19 years. That much? Good heavens. We went to the pub for lunch. 

George passed his driving test. Third time lucky. Big delight not small delight.

Small Delights (III)


Monday, 18 November 2013

The last quinces. Not fit for eating but good to look at as they lie glowing amongst the wet leaves.

A squeaky savoy cabbage. I wish cabbages were smaller: I'm the only one who will eat it.

20 kg of spuds for a fiver.

Leaves and berries the colour of flames. Flickering in the rain.

A hat to match. But now I have run out of knitting. Sad face.

A dish of baked apples to cheer up a yarnless knitter.

Mud Wrap


Sunday, 3 November 2013

The leaves on the cherry tree have at last begun to change from green to gold to orange.

But indoors things are mud coloured. There's a lot of mud around at the moment, quite a lot of it in my hall, even my knitting is mud coloured.

I ran out of yarn with fourteen rows to go, just a couple of inches. My tension was evidently a little loose. Luckily the extra skein of yarn arrived quickly and I finished and blocked it yesterday. Goodness, those blocking wires make such a difference.

Each time I knit something I learn a new technique to add to my repertoire. This project taught me how to do a long-tail cast on, a sewn cast off and how to use blocking wires. I also find myself with surplus yarn so I'm knitting my first hat, it's for Tom. I'm using this free pattern from Tin Can Knits. It's one of eight fabulous free patterns which aim to teach the beginner a wide variety of techniques. I want to knit them all.

 In fact I want to knit all the things*. I really 'get' knitting now and I'm trying to work out what it is about knitting that I find more pleasurable and rewarding than crochet. I still enjoy crochet but knitting has something more. What that something is I am not sure. I have ordered some second hand copies of books by knitting gurus Elizabeth Zimmermann and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (Yarn Harlot) in order to discover what it may be.

But, for now I must resist the siren call of my knitting and clean the mud from my hall floor, bake a gammon joint, make a pudding, do the ironing and go for a walk wrapped in my new mud wrap.

*stupid meme used far too frequently in our house

Pie- Along


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

On Sunday Ali and I had a pie-along. Quite by chance. No planning. I happened to post some pie-in-progress pictures on Instagram and whilst standing in a field watching sons play rugby Ali saw them. (Smartphones make waiting around for kids much more bearable). She was planning to make the same pie later. It's this pie .

Alicia's Sour Cream Apple Pie. Except I used crème fraîche instead of sour cream because it was slightly cheaper and came in a bigger tub. It's essentially the same stuff.

I used some little, locally grown, rosy-fleshed apples which were being ignored in the fruit bowl. They looked pretty but their flavour was dull. Alicia recommends a sharp apple for this pie and I will heed her advice next time as it needed a bit of zing.

I used soft brown sugar in the topping which also contains butter, flour and cinnamon.

It was a very good pie. It was also a pie worthy of experimentation. I'm thinking plums, maybe with ground almonds instead of flour in the filling and topping, perhaps some flaked almonds on the top. And what about gooseberries, or rhubarb with ginger instead of cinnamon? But before I try all those I will have to make a quince pie.

A pie made extra delicious by the knowledge that it was also being made and enjoyed by Ali and her family. Social media has its faults but the sharing of pie is not one of them.

By the way you might have noticed my new buttons on my sidebar which link to my email address and the social media I use. My thanks to Nina at Tabiboo for helping me install them -much fiddling around with html code but not as difficult as I feared.

Just Now I Am


Saturday, 20 July 2013

Watching my redcurrants ripen.
Enjoying Test Match Special - mostly*
Regretting finishing this so quickly. I hope she hurries up with the next one and I hope Robert Glenister reads it.

Eating egg and bacon salad for lunch.

Making lots of savoury tarts. So easy and perfect for hot weather meals.
This one is chicken and ham.

Making the most of my new ice cream maker.
This is coffee ice cream.

* If only Geoffrey Boycott wasn't on it. He makes me want to stab things.

Small Delights: Big Delight


Monday, 8 July 2013

First the small

My cd bird scarers simultaneously protecting my currant bushes and painting them with rainbows.

Selfheal spreading all over my lawn.

Swelling quinces.

A beaded dish cover drying on the washing line.

Zéphirine Drouhin

Cherries from two miles away.


And now the big.

Andy Murray celebrates winning the final of Wimbledon 2013 with the trophy

(click on the image for the source)

And of course the gorgeous weather.

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