For Mum

Sunday, 3 April 2011

For my mum who planted every plant in my garden including the Quince Tree.

Thanks mum.
Happy Mothering Sunday xx


  1. Anonymous5:07 pm BST

    Thanks Sue. I've spent most of the day in the garden having just come back from a weeks holiday in Norfolk where I bourght 6 new roses from PETER BEALS nursery with 10 more to come in November.

  2. Have a very Happy Mothering Day!

  3. Hi Sue, you are so lucky to have a mother who would do that for you! Wow!! Your photos are stunning, what is that amazing magenta pink flower!?? Gorgeous!! I have some wild violet photos on my blog. And a recalcitrant Star Magnolia. :-)

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  4. Lovely shots. Lovely time of year!

  5. The 3rd photo particularly is exquisite.

  6. such beautiful flowers
    what would we do without our mums??
    j x

  7. Bless your mum, love in every bloom.
    x Sandi

  8. Stunning Photos. Happy belated Mothers Day. This was my first mothers day as a an actual mother. This year has made be appreciate my mother and mothers in general so much more.

  9. Lovely post. I'd love to know how long it took for your quince to bear fruit. I'm awaiting my first harvest with bated breath. This will be her third season--she's still quite little but had a big growth sprit within the last year.

  10. Its a gift to have a gardening mum. My garden would be bear without mine. (Mum is a retired university lecturer btw who still does some freelance work setting up courses overseas - hence the Macedonia trip. Interesting is definitely the word to describe her too!)

    Hope you had a lovely day.

  11. Beautiful photography Sue. A very special post for Mother's Day. Best wishes, Pj x


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